Banner Upgrade and Migration Services

ATG has been helping many Universities and Colleges to upgrade Banner. We offer a comprehensive range of services:

  • Functional, Technical Consulting
  • Banner Migration Services
  • Installation, Setup and Configuration of ESM (Ellucian Solution Manager)
  • Business Process Analysis, User Training and Improvement
  • Custom Process, Customized Application Analysis and Development
  • Web (SSB Applications) Development and Customization
  • Script Writing Services
  • Forms and Report Development
  • Integration Services with 3rd Party Applications and External Agencies
  • Learning Management Integration (Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, Desire2Learn)
  • Financial Aid, Algorithmic Packaging and Budgeting, Process Automation
  • Banner General
  • Free-form Rules for Population Selection
  • Business Process 
  • Process Modeling and Development 
  • Event Triggers
  • Luminis Installation and Upgrades 
  • Portlet Development
  • DBA Services, Technical Support, Functional Support

The new Banner upgrades approach is facilitated by the Ellucian Solution Manager. Through the Solution Manager, IT staff can easily identify and choose the upgrades they want to implement, and then click an icon to complete the installation or upgrade process without further intervention. The Solution Manager automatically identifies dependencies ahead of time.

“This is a radical change in the way that institutions manage their administrative systems, and it is the result of pure technology innovation,” said Darren Wesemann, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Ellucian.

Ellucian’s Solution for the Modern Campus

Today’s students are more diverse than ever before, and their needs are more complex. From admissions, registration, and curriculum management to advising and assessment, Banner Student can help you deliver the kinds of experiences that keep your students engaged and on track for success.

  • Intuitive registration tools help students and advisors to plan and monitor progress toward academic goals.
  • Help support global registration models: search and select, block, and structured
  • Construct plan schedules for current and future semesters/quarters
  • Build a course registration plan from a student’s existing degree plan with Ellucian Degree Works™
  • Apply configurable course and section search parameters to create a personalized schedule

Ellucian Banner Upgrade Path

With ATG Upgrade Services, you can choose to have Ellucian Banner experts manage your entire upgrade project or customize a services package that meets your unique needs. Achieving efficiency in your IT operations requires that you have the expertise to upgrade, migration, troubleshoot, understand all the details of the systems, procure new technology and train others—all of which may involve our staffing and consulting services There are the benefits:

  • Upgrade to latest technology: Upgrade your system cost effectively.
  • Maximize investments: Apply best practices to improve efficiencies and lower costs.
  • Optimize resources: We take care of IT, so you can focus on meeting institutional objectives.
  • Reduce costs: Eliminate the burden and cost of recruiting, training, and retaining quality, specialized technology professionals

The XE Strategy for Banner

Ellucian Solution Manager

Software Update Management

Grails Web Framework

Groovy and Java

Java Project

Model View Control (MVC)

DevOps Jenkins

Continuous Integration


Backbone, JQuery, AngularJS


Open Source Resources

Ellucian XE is a strategic architecture that makes it easier and more efficient for implementing, managing, and extending technology solutions. XE’s flexible framework means institutions can expand or adopt new Ellucian solutions as priorities shift, without sacrificing existing technology investments. With ATG Consulting Services, We can take care upgrade and administration of enterprise applications so your IT resources can tackle strategic priorities. You can benefit from our consulting an staffing services:

  • Reduce costs: Eliminate the burden and cost of recruiting, training, and retaining quality, specialized technology professionals
  • Enhance reliability: Improve reliability and availability of your applications, backed by service level agreements, to improve productivity of your end-users
  • Maintain control: Provide consistent service to your users through proactive application, server, and network monitoring, troubleshooting
  • Reduce risk: Reduce operational risk by managing critical applications and project risk during new implementations or software upgrades

ATG helped hundreds of Colleges and Universities with their upgrades and implementations of Banner.