Ellucian Banner XE Consulting and Staffing Services

ATGWORK is a Leading Provider of Ellucian Banner Consulting and Staffing Services. Some of our services are:

  • Migration and Upgrade to Banner 9
  • Functional & Technical Consulting
  • Remote Database Administration
  • Staff Augmentation – Project Management
  • Custom development services
  • Procurement/Product Selection – Business Process Improvement
  • Optimization of ERP systems – Implementations
  • Integration with third-party solutions
  • Ellucian Cloud Solutions

Banner powered by Ellucian XE: Update of SSB 8.x to modern, responsive web applications using Groovy language and Grails framework with JavaScript. Conversion of INB Forms to modern web interface using Java language. RESTful APIs. Modern applications using Model View Controller methodology. Database and compiled code largely unchanged. XE – Extensible Ecosystem. (Administrative) Pages that transformed Forms. Lightweight Web Application. Responsive Design. Single Page Application. Extensibility.

Application Assessment:

  • What is the inventory of customizations/capabilities in Banner?
  • What was the need for each of the customizations? Does it still exist?
  • What is the level of manual processes utilized in addition to Banner?
  • What are the value-add or differentiating processes for the institution?
  • To what degree Banner enhancements adopted by your institution?


The transition from Banner 8 to Banner 9 is a complete system upgrade that is much more complex, requiring a review of the business processes with each administrative area. ATGWORK provides a comprehensive Assessments for your banner 9 upgrades.

Technology Assessment:

  • Is the technical infrastructure in place to support the project?
  • Are the skills to support the upgrade on staff?
  • Will you require Ellucian or third-party consulting support?
  • What training will be required?
  • Are any technology purchases required to support the upgrade?
  • How will the technology be supported post implementation?

Automated Provisioning Banner 9 With Ellucian Solution Manager (ESM)

No Ordinary Upgrade: Banner 9: Starting December 31, 2018 the Banner 8 will no longer be supported by the Ellucian. In preparation for that, all Banner Universities and Coleges will transition from Banner 8 to Banner 9, which provides powerful new capabilities that have a fresh look and feel for the end user and provide automated workflow between business units. Modernize your enterprise system to protect your technology investments, adapt to new challenges, and lower your costs. We offer a complete consulting and staffing services that provide upgrades and migration for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and constituent relationship management (CRM) systems as well as business and administrative applications. These are the benefits of Banner 9 application:

  • Improve user experience: Deliver an intuitive and mobile-first user experience to tech-savvy students and staff.
  • Exceed expectations: Unparalleled higher education functionality provides the most complete set of applications designed specifically to meet your students’ needs.
  • Reduce costs: Use modern and flexible technology that lowers the cost of your enterprise systems.
  • Maintain control: Reliable platform that protects your investments.
  • Transition cost-effectively: Follow our proven path to avoid a costly ERP reimplementation and campus disruptions.
  • Deploy quickly: Use modern application and tools to deploy your banner 9 quickly

Professional Services for Ellucian Banner 9

Upgrade to Banner 9

Migrate Custom Form to Banner 9

Remote Database Administration

Student Admin


Banner Student / AR


Degree Audit

Banner 9 Implementation

Banner 9 Custom Development

Functional & Technical Consulting

Financial Aid

Human Resources

Student Aid


Enrollment Management

Our Ellucian Banner 9 Consulitng Services handle system administration, software upgrades, support, security, and more—so you can focus on what you do best. We provide a unique combination of higher education functionality and a secure, cost-effective, and reliable upgrade, DBA and custom development services to keep your systems running at peak performance. These are the benefits:

  • Transition to Banner 9 easily: Follow our cost-effective path to avoid costly disruptions and reimplementation.
  • Modernize systems: Modernize systems using modern infrastructure, tools, and processes to boost your ERP systems’ performance.
  • Maintain control: Manage and build customizations to meet your higher education institution’s unique needs.
  • Lower risk: Our staffing services can help to address staffing challenges and improve accountability with a predictable upgrade cost model.

Our consultant gained thorough experience on Ellucian Banner 9 upgrade, should you have any questions regarding Ellucian Banner 9 upgrade, please contact us today for your Ellucian Banner 9 upgrade.

Institutions should be able to extend, configure, and add technologies as campus needs evolve—and do so without sacrificing existing investments. Banner 9 is a technology strategy to protect your investments and help you expand or adopt solutions as priorities shift.