Oracle Database Release 18c New Features

New Version Numbering for Oracle Database: Version numbers use a three-digit format consisting of: Year.Update.Revision Year is the last two digits of the year a release is delivered: “18” stands for year 2018: Oracle Database 18c. Update tracks release update (RU) or Beta releases. Revision tracks the associated release update revision (RUR) level (0, 1, 2). 18.1.0 uses new...

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Implement Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are on-premises, or cloud-based security policy enforcement points, placed between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to combine and interject enterprise security policies as the cloud-based resources are accessed. CASBs consolidate multiple types of security policy enforcement. Example security policies include authentication, single sign-on, authorization, credential mapping, device profiling, encryption,...

On December 24, 2017August 12, 2018by

Implement Oracle Data Redaction Advanced Protection for the Oracle Database 12c

Many Oracle Database customers currently prevent the display of sensitive data to end users by performing redacting in each application. Oracle Data Redaction moves this functionality from the application to the database. This approach has several benefits over redacting data in the application tier, and it is useful in a variety of application scenarios. Oracle...

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