Lift & Shift to Cloud Services and Six Journeys to Cloud

For more than 25 years, ATG has provided the Cloud community with in-depth expertise, experience, exceptional teamwork, and our own database optimization tools. Cloud technology is all we do—which is why we perform at a level others can’t match. Our stellar client list is a testament to our consistent delivery of results-driven, cost-effective, high-satisfaction Cloud services. Amazon Web Services supports Cloud databases and offer enterprises a number of solutions for migrating and deploying their enterprise applications on the AWS cloud. Customers can launch entire enterprise software stacks from Cloud on the AWS cloud, and they can build enterprise-grade Cloudle applications using database and middleware software.

Cloud E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Cloud JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is now supported on Cloud an AWS. Amazon Redshift support for Cloud Business Intelligence (OBIEE). Amazon Redshift is now a supported data-source for OBIEE versions and Deploy Cloud Database 12c Enterprise Edition in the AWS Cloud automatically, in about one hour.This new AWS Quick Start deploys Cloud Database into a Multi-AZ configuration on AWS with asynchronous data replication between Availability Zones. The Quick Start installs Cloud ASM for storage management, and Cloud Data Guard for database setup and replication. You can also include the Cloud Secure Backup (OSB) Cloud Module for backups.

ATG Cloud DBA Services help you manage, maintain, and optimize your critical Cloud systems. From Cloud Database to Cloud Applications and everything in between, we deliver 24/7, year-round support with flexible monthly contracts that don’t lock you in. The world’s top Cloud DBAs—including Cloud Certified Masters, Professionals, Experts, and Cloud ACEs and ACE Directors—at your service.

  • Benefits of running Cloud on Cloud Solutions:
  • Scalable: Don’t worry about bottlenecks or performance throttling. The AWS cloud scales to what Cloud applications require, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Secure: Secure and durable technology platform designed for the most mission-critical enterprise applications and workloads.
  • Highly available: Highly reliable services and multiple fault-tolerant Availability Zones for robust disaster recovery implementations.
  • Simple deployment: Deploying Cloud enterprise applications on AWS can be done within minutes, and eliminates any heavy lifting.
  • Efficient: The AWS cloud improves productivity, allowing IT to focus on delivering business value, not maintaining infrastructure.
  • Lower TCO: Achieve optimized performance and scalability at a fraction of the cost of running on premises. Paying for only what you use provides better TCO for your business.

Database Advanced Security Services

Secure data at rest and in transit to databases, Organize and control identity and access of users and IT personnel, Manage any aspect of a complex IT infrastructure, Address regulatory requirements. Consulting Database Security Assessment to help you strengthen your corporate information repositories. Cloud security technologies offers many cuttingedge features that help you enforce information security lifecycle and best practices that will help protect against database related threats and attacks.

Protect your data against internal and external threats: Custom data security services by ATG help you incorporate a risk-balanced strategy with leading data protection technology to safeguard your organization’s critical data. With both consulting and integration services, we help you optimize control over data using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.

Enterprise users in the organization Control data access and integrity in your organization by using an appropriate feature or option or product such as privileges, Cloud Label Security. Audit Vault and Database Firewall Ensure data confidentiality by using an encryption solution such as Transparent Data Encryption, Data Redaction, or Cloud Data Masking and Subsetting Audit user actions by using any of the auditing features such as unified auditing or a product such as Audit Vault and Database Firewall.

  • Our solution benefits are:
  • Streamlined approach: Use your existing infrastructure to support collaboration across your enterprise
  • Data protection strategy: Align with your risk management objectives and gain insight into sensitive data
  • Risk mitigation: Reduce the risk of data loss and better manage regulatory compliance

Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services

ATG can helps to integrate and run your hybrid cloud and traditional infrastructure more effectively. Enterprises are looking to take advantage of the agility, security, speed and flexibility of hybrid environments — but with this comes increased IT complexity that is difficult to manage. ATG Consulting Services can help increase business agility with consumption-based cloud services. Enterprises can gain the scalability needed to avoid downtime and performance problems, run in a security-rich environment, and at the same time minimize infrastructure cost and complexity.

ATG has helped many companies with container adoption. Containers allow organizations to innovate quickly, enabling application release and updates more frequently than ever before. Our docker experts, including a Docker Captain and Docker Certified Associates, help you through this process; determining the proper tools, developing the correct architectures, ensuring optimal deployment to avoid painful mistakes. When we’re done, your team will be leveraging modern infrastructure tools to support a new class of services.

ATG help to solve provisioning, configuration and scaling challenges for hybrid infrastructure. It securely deploys middleware stacks in hours along with managed services. ATG provides configured business stacks of infrastructure and database, middleware. You’ll have the flexibility to scale up or down as your business needs change. ATG seamlessly integrates automation capabilities into your existing cloud and traditional IT environments. See how ATG is helping our clients to become the most valued and trusted business partner to their customers.

  • Docker Consulting & Service Offerings: We provide a number of docker and kubernetes services including advisory consulting. Let us help bootstrap enablement with best practices and expertise gained across multiple production deployments:
  • Docker Container Strategy
  • Containerization Workshops
  • Container Readiness Assessments
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Health Checks
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Pilots
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Implementation
  • Bespoke Orchestration Platforms
  • Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Managed Services

Remote Monitoring & Support Maintenance Services

ATG Specialized database & cloud projects such as high availability, disaster recovery, upgrades, migrations, replication. Unified monitoring solution for cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures — from network to custom applications. Proactive management & incident support for businesses that do not require full-time database or cloud administration. ​Get flexible, scalable, and secure database administration (DBA) support for all major platforms from the largest onshore provider of remote DBA services. ATG service packages offer you a full range of options- from assuming total ownership of your entire database environment to supplemental services designed to augment your internal staff. From initial system design and implementation to ongoing support and 24/7 monitoring, ATG is your trusted digital partner, uniting people, processes and technology to boost agility, optimize operations and deliver competitive advantage.

ATG’s DBA services are designed to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to reliability, scalability and efficiency of your business-critical database. From staff augmentation, to project consulting and 24/7 support, our dedicated teams of elite database administrators can help you plan, implement, and manage your traditional and emerging databases, on premise or in the cloud. With our flexible DBA service packages you can mix and match the services you need, month to month, from our database consulting, implementation, and management offerings.

ATG Consulting has been providing best-in-class onsite and remote DBA services for Cloud for over 25 years. ​Our database consultants are all certified consultants with years of real-world experience. We can provide the right consultant for all of your DBA requirements. ATG Consulting has been a preferred partner of choice for numerous global brands in their Cloud database administration. Whatever the nature or scope of your Cloud database needs, ATG will help you successfully manage it, for less than the cost of hiring a full-time staff to manage it in-house.

  • How our services can help you succeed:
  • Fully exploit the power of your database technologies to receive the maximum benefit from your database administration investment.
  • Accelerate innovation and speed to market with on-demand access to ATG’s deep pool of remote DBA expertise.
  • Attain fast, effective resolutions to database issues with ATG’s industry-leading tools, support procedures and service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Reduce the risk of business disruption by leveraging ATG’s expertise and AICPA SOC 2 and PCI DSS compliances.
  • Quickly adapt to changing business demands by utilizing ATG’s flexible contracts to easily scale scope of DBA support services.

Database Vendors Solutions and PaaS Portfolio Service Offerings

When it comes to your Mission Critical Systems, don’t take any chances. Choose ATG for all your Database specialized services.