Design and Develop BI Analytics on Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud

With Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services you can leverage a best-in-class analytics platform offering you the full array of intuitive BI tools you expect with a Friendly interactive interface has built-in guidance and tutorials to get users productive quickly, select interactive visualizations and easily create advanced calculations to reveal the insights in your data, using configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system.

  • Login into Business Intelligence Cloud Services

Now in left hand side, click on “Company Shared” folder to go to our dashboard.

Modifying Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services Content

In order to edit our dashboard, invoke the main menu at the top right corner  and click on edit icon , this will enable to manipulate all web parts within it.

  • BI Cloud Service Data Loading:

  • Ability to connect to the DB Cloud Service from SQL Developer
  • What can it do?

–Initial load of data from an on-premise DB to the Cloud

–Supports re-loads and incremental loads

–Automation through command line interface

  • SQL Developer – Incremental Load:

a) Create script/java/c process to call sdcli

b) Use the ‘filter’ option to set where clause on data to be loaded (programmatically search|replace savedcart.xml)

c) Create schedule for loading nightly, etc to call script

d) Use RESTful APIs to check successful|failed load and send notification


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