Design & Implement OpenStack Cloud Computing Software Platform

OpenStack is a cloud computing platform that offers the ability to provision, administer, and decommission resources as needed. OpenStack resources include compute, networking, and storage services. The OpenStack source code is open source written in Python. It provides an API for deploying and administering storage components, network devices, and hypervisor Virtual Machine (VM). With OpenStack,...

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Develop Mobile Apps on Mobile Cloud Service (MSC)

This shows architecture and how to create Mobile Apps on Mobile Cloud Service (MSC): Use the different APIs available with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) to integrate your mobile applications with MCS back-end services Create users and roles and secure channels using MCS Use MCS to handle offline synchronization Create and test storage APIs Send...

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Develop Integration for Oracle Fusion (SaaS) with Apex on Cloud

Oracle Application Express is a robust, rapid application development system that is included with the Oracle Database. Rapid Development provides developers the ability to create applications in minutes. Developers can use several wizards, which simplify and accelerate development. Robust Features: Developers may extend Oracle Application Express applications with PL/SQL, so the range of functionality you...

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DevOps on Oracle Cloud

As an organization matures in implementing various application development practices, more automation can be brought to improve the application life cycle management. In Agile development, requirements and solutions or builds evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. In Continuous Integration, members of a team integrate their work frequently; usually each person integrates at least daily—leading to multiple...

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