Deploy PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

This shows how to deploy PeopleSoft Application on Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  1. Install Compute Instance on BMCS – Create Compartments:

2. Create Virtual Cloud Network:

3. Launch Instance:

4. Create Block Volumes:

5. Attached Block Volumes:

6. Configure Block Volumes Storage:

7. Download PeopleSoft PUM Image:

8. PeopleSoft PUM Image Installation:

9. PeopleSoft Server Administration:

10. Get PeopleSoft Application URL:

11. Get PeopleSoft Host IP Address, Host Name and Enter in Your Windows Client Hosts File:

12. Open Port 8000 in BMCS:

13. Open Port 8000 on Compute Node:

14. Complete Login to PeopleSoft PIA URL:








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