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ATG’s staffing specialists identify and deliver talent for all technology needs, no matter the industry and no matter the timeframe. The right blend of technical expertise, business acumen and soft skills all are always matched to your culture and organizational requirements. From long-term contract-based needs to team-based or project-based staff augmentation, ATG delivers IT specialists and teams to fulfill all skill needs.


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Industry Knowledge: We are the experienced IT staffing agency for technology Cloud, big data, ERP, analytics, database, open source, DevOps, industry solutions, Higher Education, Automotive, Communications, Construction and Engineering, Financial Services, Health Sciences, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, Utilities industries. No one knows technology staffing like we do at ATG. If you have any questions regarding your it staffing needs, come talk with us and we’ll answer all of your questions. We work hard to learn your business, culture, service expectations, key processes and technical needs to find the perfect addition to your team. You will not find a tech staffing agency that is easier to work with or that gets you better results than ATG. We provide tech staffing services and workforce solutions that meet your business needs and expectations. Whether you’re looking for short-term employees to work on a project or you’re looking at possibly hiring for a long-term position, ATG can help. Who can we find for you?

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions: Our goal is to enable you to achieve your business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. While we are recognized as the leading IT staffing provider, we offer a full range of workforce solutions and service delivery models to equip you with the people, skills and competencies required to get IT done.

  • Contract Staffing: High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support
  • Direct IT Placement Services: Contract-to-hire and direct hire professionals for longer-term needs
  • Managed IT Services: Managed teams to define and mature IT workflows, centrally manage institutional knowledge, optimize resource utilization and deliver measurable outcomes
  • Learning Solutions: Custom learning development and IT and business education to maximize your team’s potential
  • Project-based Services: Management of discrete IT projects and programs
  • Outsourced Services: Ownership and optimization of defined IT work functions

Highlight Product Services

ATG offers end-to-end Cloud platform solutions, including global consulting, full service cloud and post production support services. We offer our customers the most experienced consultants available. We have an established Center of Excellence (CoE) for Cloud Solution Delivery powered by the industry’s talent, tools and accelerators. ATG brings our consulting expertise, cloud solutions and industry across the Cloud portfolio. In addition, with our investments in areas of integrated cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) you can expect faster-time-to-value. Our vision for growth is built around transforming clients’ businesses, powered by the three drivers – Experience, Accelerate and Simplify.

ATG can manage complex international projects as effectively as we do. We deliver through a global, tiered model that combines global delivery centers, associate frameworks, contingent workforce management practices and application maintenance services to put the right talent in the right place at the right time. Over the past few years, the technology landscape has shifted and been reborn in the shape of The Cloud. Cloud technology is here for the long haul, and its applications are both practical and efficient, enabling implementations to propel your business forward and drive value. ATG is well versed in Cloud technology and implementations.

ATG provides a complete cloud solutions for enterprise applications, engineered to be cloud‑ready and to coexist in mixed environments. With enterprise-grade cloud applications plus ATG’s suite of implementation and support services, you get the benefits of cloud—plus more power on demand, more choices and more confidence. Using our global team of experts with delivery expertise in a variety of industry sectors, we ensure you receive seamless and end-to-end support for your Cloud services. Each ATG consultant has undergone extensive training in Cloud offerings and the underlying technology stack, including the architecture and data model.

  • Plan/Design: We provide a starting point when you need expert consultation on where and how to integrate into your IT environment.
  • Build/Deploy: We build and deploy software products using an agile and iterative approach aligned to your IT project quality standards.
  • Operate: We can handle application operations and administration capabilities for your IT products through our Applications Managed Service. We also offer short-term help post go-live to ensure adoption success operations.
  • Optimize: Once you’re up and running, we can assess to identify even greater capability and how to activate it.

Utilities Work and Asset (WAM)

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Energy Information Platform

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Our team is comprised of functional and technical industry leaders, speakers, SMEs, and researchers within the Electric, Gas, and Water industries.

ATG’s consultants have over 25 years of leadership and implementation expertise, and ATG Consulting is strategically focused on providing business-driven technology solutions with a steadfast commitment to guiding utilities in addressing the crucial business needs and challenges facing today’s modern utility. We Are Focused. For implementations, we are focused and specialized in Oracle Utilities’ solutions. We Are Effective. We know what we’re doing, we’ve done it before, and we do it well. Our significant experience implementing Oracle Utilities MDM, SGG, ODM, OUA, and CSS has prepared us to fully understand our clients’ needs and to develop and implement efficient and effective solutions.

We Do What’s Right. It is our commitment to act with integrity, communicate honestly, be accountable, and display ethical leadership. We Bring Value. Our goals for each engagement are to lower cost, complexity, and promote end user experience and productivity, therefore driving high value out of every solution. We Have Industry Expertise. Our team is comprised of functional and technical industry leaders, speakers, SMEs, and researchers within the Electric, Gas, and Water industries. ATG’s constant dedication to the analysis and best practices surrounding rapidly-evolving industry trends allows us to quickly adapt and deliver such solutions.

Why Implement WAM?

  • Best-in-class Work and Asset Management solution, with pre-built integration with other Oracle utility applications
  • Comprehensive asset management solution for fixed, linear and smart devices throughout the lifecycle of assets
  • Asset condition monitoring, risk management and planning functionalities tailor-made for utilities’ assets
  • Compliant with all well-known industry best practices, for e.g., ISO 55000 and PAS 55
  • Enhanced user experience through support for new age digital technologies such as mobile and analytics

DevOps in the Cloud – Rapidly Build and Deploy Custom Applications

What is DevOps: DevOps is an integrated approach to software delivery that helps integrate an organisation’s culture, processes and tools. Transformation solutions that unify development, operations and end user feedback to enable development and operation teams to prioritise requirements, release faster with higher quality and less re-work efforts. DevOps enables rapid, small, iterative development and deployment of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to the market as fast as possible and incorporate that feedback in the product quickly, delivering value incrementally.

Why DevOps: DevOps core requirements come from the business and, therefore, directly impacts the performance of business solutions for the user community. It resolves the needs on a technical platform and brings in the agility of agile platform for a wide-range of elements in the suite of delivery, operations and support groups. It helps ensure that teams collaborate on real time basis and overcome working in silos or in a disconnected way. An integrated platform helps ensure that teams enjoy forward and backward traceability which helps strengthens reviews, debugging, delivery management, provisioning of resources and realisation of business benefits.

DevOps consulting services: DevOps implementation requires adequate planning and guidance from experts. We can assess an organisation’s existing environment in terms of processes including agile adoption, tools, automation, solution architecture, cloud services and culture, accordingly advice on well-suited DevOps approach. Our successful DevOps maturity assessment model can help reveal the maturity level in various areas like agility, continuous integration, test automation, continuous delivery and deployment including cloud based services.


Software Engineering – Design and Software Development


Continuous Delivery (CD)

Higher Education

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Groovy & Grail, JavaScript, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS, XML

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ERP in Higher Education

On Premise and Cloud Based for Colleges & Universities

ATG DevOps Consulting Services help you navigate the DevOps challenges—guiding your DevOps vision, strategy and roadmap, and transforming this into operational reality. Our team of skilled, market-proven consulting specialists will also help you transform your IT culture, and sustain continuous, accelerated flows with the right architecture of processes and tools. Our DevOps leverages collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption.

DevOps Strategy Development: High performance application development and delivery is now on every CIO’s agenda. To deliver on this promise, changes must be made in how applications are developed, deployed and managed. We ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development. You will benefit from our practical experience gathered in different industries and enterprise environments and our skills. Our DevOps experts work with you to:

  • Assess your organization’s readiness for DevOps and continuous delivery transformation
  • Identify improvement opportunities spanning people, processes and technology
  • Create an adoption strategy and roadmap for moving forward

Oracle Policy Automation (OPA)

ATG Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Consulting team provides consulting packages to equip project teams with the skills to work effectively using the OPA technology. We provide OPA licences, hosting, consulting, training, implementation, support, vertical solutions and product enhancements to a growing number of OPA customers, and partner with system integrators to provide deep OPA expertise to large IT implementation projects. ATG has many years experience with the technical integration of OPA deployments. We have written a number of tools to solve OPA problems.

ATG Provides implementation service of OPA: integration of the runtime components, configuration of the deployment and modeling of the rulebase using best practice and lessons learnt on other projects. Rulebase Architecture – Rules Development, Re-engineering, Screen flow design, Testing, Quality Assurance, Migration – Technical, Integration, Team Extension, Training Coaching, Enablement. ATG offers service focus areas: Assessment Workshop: Presenting the benefits of Oracle Policy Automation, providing live demonstrations of the different deployment types and how to use the development tools, spelling out technical details and developing:

Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service: OPA Cloud Service includes a full set of tools and integration options to automate and audit policies with Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud or any other cloud or on-premise application. OPA Cloud Service includes: Policy Modeling and Hub – Service Cloud Connectivity – Web Service Connectivity – Determination APIs. Oracle In-Memory Policy Analytics: In-Memory Policy Analytics uses Oracle Times Ten database server for Exalytics in your private or managed cloud to provide rapid policy scenario analysis and planning. In-Memory Policy Analytics includes:

  • Policy Modeling and Hub
  • Analysis Work spaces
  • TimesTen for Exalytics Connectivity

Oracle Policy Automation: Oracle Policy Automation is the private and managed cloud solution for modeling and deploying policies throughout the policy life cycle. It provides flexible deployment and integration options, and includes:

  • Oracle Policy Modeling
  • Siebel Connectivity
  • Determination APIs
  • Mobile Deployment

We put in the time, effort and investment to hire the best employees.