Customer Testimonials

Case studies & success stories provide showcase our solutions and customer’s experience as an example of what you can expect from ATGWORK for our products services. WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT ATGWORK. 

Wendy Darsey - Manager, Applications Development

Georgia State University - 75 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303.

“The ATGWork Consultant provided to our team for our Applications transformation has had a direct impact on the project success. He was professional and knowledgeable on all aspects of our transformation and without his assistance we would not have made our timeline. We leaned heavily on his knowledge and expertise to not only complete the work himself but also in training and supporting our existing team members. Thank you, ATG for helping make this mammoth project manageable.”

“Our journey and on-boarding to Cloud experience was quite good with the ATGWORK consulting and support team. It really felt like they went out of their way to answer our questions and research topics that we couldn’t readily find in their best practices and extensive documentations. Leveraging ATGWORK Support has been key in addressing issues that we may experience.”

“Our experience with ATGWORK Consulting and Support team has been excellent. The Technical Team is super responsive and really reach across the aisle and all partners with our team which has been great. Their support lets us focus on development and business, and lets us take on new challenges. We have come to rely on them as an extension of our team.”

“ATGWORK Consulting, Staffing and Support help us plan and execute our enterprise-wide adoption of Agile, DevOps, and SRE capabilities. ATGWORK enable our organization to build and deliver applications that add value and produce more profitable outcomes with enhanced quality, agility at scale, and accelerated speed to market.”

“ATGWORK helped us for the re-engineering breaking several of our the monolith applications down into microservices, we chose ATGWORK’s team for our custom development of data processing. For us it is important to have a scalable way for importing and exporting data with new microservies application, we are able to reach data import rates they could not previously achieve. The microservices-based architecture also makes it easy to extend and change the import data. By choosing this design, ATGWORK helped us to increase developer agility, while decreasing costs and maintenance.”

“ATGWORK Consulting and Support team have become an integral component of our team; ATGWORK regularly provides us with expert advice on cloud architecture and transition to cloud and help us efficiently and effectively use Cloud services. Their hands-on approach gives us immediate feedback during our development process and helps our teams to maintain their fast pace of software development and innovation.”

“ATGWORK Consulting, Staffing and Support dedicated Technical Team continuously work with our teams to ensure the availability, cost effectiveness and security of our infrastructure running on the Cloud. This translates to providing a great experience for our organization. The Support team understands our needs, and they are working with us on a daily basis.”

What are some Hightlights of our Software Development Team

Whether you are upgrading your legacy applications or chasing the bleeding edge of technology, ATGWORK software development specialists can bring the world-class software expertise with modern software development projects experiences. Our services include:

  • Jump-start your move to Web-based forms
  • Migrate your existing forms to Java-based, Web-based, service-oriented development
  • Reduce the complexity of your development processes to improve quality and time-to-benefit
  • Simplify your Back End application development, Web development processes with pre-engineered solutions

ATGWORK helped hundreds of company with their custom development and we can help to lower the cost and reduce the risk when you migrate and upgrade your applications or you develop new application with modern technologies. ATGWORK’s consultants re-used development source codes and automation can be brought to improve the application life cycle management. We used DevOps to develop applications and push continuous builds.

  • Rapid development with our pre-engineered framework
  • QA in DevOps
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery

Success Story: “ATGWORK Consulting and Support exceed the support we previously received from any of our other partners, and the reasons we are so comfortable with the cloud platform.”